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Witop | Original designer and manufacturer of paging system.

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Witop technology offer restaurant pagers, wireless nurse call systems; wireless waiter calling systems; staff paging device, alphanumeric pager.
Paging system is widely use in restaurant,hotel,hospital,retail,supermarket. Recently, there are more than 20,000 users all over the world use witop paging system to increase their service level.

Restaurant pagers

waiter call system

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WHY Witop?




We use FSK modual, which have better performance than ASK modual, signal more steady, anti-interference

Long distance

Transmitter w11tk distance is 700~1000 meter in open area, with signal repeater, the coverage can be extend to 2km


The system can be integrated with various system such as POS system, alarm system. Protocol will be offered to make the integration


We have rich experience to customized paging device for you. Unique and exclusive design and technology will help you expend business fast