Alpha watch pager

alpha wrist watch pager
Alpha Watch Pager
The Alpha watch pager is similar to the watch that one would wear around one’s wrist, but this piece is designed to receive text messages similar to a pager. On the wrist, it can vibrate, beep or flash to discreetly gain the wearer’s attention. The Alpha watch pager is ideal when put to use in businesses such as hospitals, restaurants and similar establishments. Supporting a four or an eight line display, as well as a great variety of languages, the Alpha watch pager will in all cases get that important message to the person you need to get it to. Comfortable to wear and stylish, it is fitted with a normal time display, so can be used for normal time keeping by the wearer. A transmitter device can be used to send messages to the wearers, and both transmitter and alpha watch pager can be connected to a computer to edit options or update. This device allows the business to be run in a more efficient and effective manner.


Other Included Features
The alpha watch pager comes with many great additional features including:
An alert for going out of range, unread text messages and low battery.
Alert mode can changed from to flash, beep or vibrate.
Can be connected to and programmed from your pc or desktop computer.
Full user interactive menu system, with various customisable options.
Rechargeable Lithium battery.
The Alpha watch pager is made from high quality durable plastic, and features a clear and easy to read display. In established businesses, the saying ‘time is money’ is never more true than when applied to employees, who can tend to meander at times, and this watch instantly communicates wishes to the appropriate member of staff, wherever they may be or whatever they are doing, and saves valuable time physically hunting down then discussing your requirements with them. One quick and simple text to their Alpha watch pager, and they have instantly received your instructions, and can act on them immediately, if necessary. Another great feature is the Ability to link the Alpha watch pager to your own personal computer, and can also link up the transmitter to the computer, which is the device which sends the actual messages to the wrist worn pager, and the menu can be accessed in which one can edit the options, such as which alert you select to inform you of an incoming text message.


1.Hand and PC programmable. USB id programmer.
2.PLL or crystal, 137-930Mhz, POCSAG or Flex
3.Alert mode: Sound, vibrate, LED, Silent.
4.4 or 8 line English display, 3 zoom mode (English).
5.Language support: Chinese, English, Germany, Korean, Turkey,
Farsi, French, etc.
6.Out of range, low battery, repeat message, unread message
7.Menu select able, User choice special functions for themselves.
8.Second watch function


  • Restaurant
  • Church nursery paging
  • Hospital paging
  • Auto dealership
  • Bowling center
  • Car center
  • Spa&Salon
  • Church
  • Cinema
  • Club
  • Hotel
  • Libary
  • School
  • Pet care
  • Office
  • Casino
  • Grocery
  • Home use
  • Internet reseller
  • Retail
  • Other

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