Restaurant guest paging system

1  How does the restaurant pagers working Just press the signal transmitter, coaster pager will receive signal and alert client with beeper,vibration or flash

2 The component of  restaurant pager

Transmitter W11TK

Transmitter W11TK can work with 1998 pcs coaster pager at the same time. It  can also link to PC and control by software

transmitter-restaurant guest paging system

Coaster pager

Coaster pager W11CP : Economic signal receiver.                 Coaster pager W11CT: Text display signal receiver

11cp                                         11ct


The charger can charge 15 pcs coaster pager max.  (Do not try to charge the coaster more than 15pcs, or you may burn the charger)

charger-restaurant guest paging system

3  The Advantage

1. One of most reliable system, steady, durable

2. Out of range alert, low power alert

3. Integration: Can be integrated with POS system, alarm system

Recently, we have keypad cover for transmitter, and further more, it is free. Every transmitter will be with 5 pieces free keypad cover. And in the restaurant or kitchen, that is really useful kits

keypad cover

Restaurant Guest Coaster Pager
These coasters are designed to be held onto by the customer and retained until a placed order is ready. Alerted by a flash, beep or vibration, the customer can return when signaled. Featuring an out of range and low battery alert, it is even rain proof, and this high quality product will allow an increase in business efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. All of this may lead to an increase in profits. Used in conjunction with the w11TK transmitter, these coaster pagers are to be considered an advantage to businesses savvy enough to employ their use.

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