wireless waiter calling system

1  How does the wireless waiter call system working

Just press the button, table number and service type will display on the wrist watch. Waiter would be alerted and offer service soon

wireless waiter call system

2 The component of  table call system

Call button

Call button is signal transmitter, you can change the Icon; color; text message of the call button. And you can also print your own logo on the button sticker

12cb12cb -2-


We can customized florescent light sticker for you . made by safe material, it will absorb the light in daytime, and light in the dark. Can be functioned around 2 year, and then you just change a new sticker.

call button sticker with light

Wrist pager
Wrist pager is the signal receiver. It can display table number, and at the same time, display service type.

The software can be update as per your requirement. You can also change the display text as per different requirement

W09W 1


 3  The Advantage

Our system use FSK mode, other company use ASK mode.


1. Our call button can press 10,000 times without change battery VS. Other company < 3,000 times

2. The signal would be more steady, coverage longer

3. Integration: Can be integrated with POS system, E-Menu, alarm system

 4 How does the system work

Further advantage of witop wireless calling system
If the pager work with transmitter W11TK, it can display different call from different place, such as bar call, kitchen call

kitchen callkitchen call


If the call system use for hospital, sometimes, you want the pager can display the call is from which room and which bed, such as room M3, bed 01, it can also display by our software



And can also display various service type, and even the service type can be define again

call checkcall ordercall serice

Integrated with your own system
It can also integrated with your own system with our protocol.

With repeater, you can expend the coverage

call system repeater


Signal repeater connect to PC, it can also work as signal receiver to monitor the calling, and you can program the monitor software yourself, it is Open. We have got a simple monitor version software


monitor software for call system

Wireless Waiter Calling System

The wireless waiter calling system device allows your customers to feel in control whilst using your establishment. The key comes with three options, and one option at the top used to cancel a command you may have incorrectly inputted. Three options are available to the user of the wireless waiter calling system. Press one to call the waiter when you are ready to make your order, another to request service, for example to make a drink order, and the last option is to request the bill at the end of the meal. Whatever the customer wishes to communicate, the wireless waiter calling system allows the waiter to know exactly what the customer requires.

How It Works

As the customers enter the restaurant, they are given a wireless waiter calling system, and take a seat as per usual. Instead of having to either quickly make a decision as a waiter approaches too quickly to take the order, or on the other hand, waiting for a while for waiter to come to take your order after you have decided, the wireless waiter calling system gives the power to the customer to decide when the waiter should approach the table to take the order. When the ‘order’ section of the device is pressed, the corresponding area flashes on the system the calling system has been paired with, so the waiter knows before approaching the table what to expect. It works the same way to request the bill. If you should require more drinks, or any other services, the last option on the wireless waiter calling system summons the waiter to attend to this, and the waiter has a good idea what it is you require. This is a great idea for improving customer experiences at establishments, and allows the customer to feel in control and thereby enjoy more their visits to businesses using the wireless waiter calling system.


The wireless waiter calling system also allows you to cancel an option you may have inadvertently pushed, or mistakenly made, by pushing the top section of the device, allowing the waiter to see you have cancelled your request. Additionally, the wireless waiter calling system can be shut down, or turned off by holding down the cancel key for six seconds, and can be turned back by repeating this procedure. Overall, the wireless waiter calling system allows a greater scope for the customer to control, and ultimately enjoy, their experience at the establishment using this system.

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