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Keypad transmitter

Restaurant pagers transmitter | W11TK Restaurant Pagers Transmitter This device is used in conjunction with the coaster pagers, and comes with a fitted keypad, which can be used to send text messages to the holder of the coaster, who is free to move around until...

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waiter call button

Waiter call button Waiter Call Button These high quality devices have a number of attractive benefits for those businesses wishing to utilize modern technology. Four choices are available on the call button, one to order, one to ask for service, and another to request...

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Text message dispaly coaster pager

Text message dispaly  coaster pager Text Display Coaster Pager This coaster pager can facilitate text based messages, and is a high quality, rain proof . The holder of the coaster pager can be alerted by a beep, flash or vibration, and communicated to through the text...

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coaster pager charger

Coaster pager charger | W01C   Coaster pager charger Can work with 15 pieces coaster pager max 3 hour for full charging the coaster pager Power supply: 5V DC   Restaurant Church nursery paging Hospital paging Auto dealership...

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Coaster pager

Text message dispaly  coaster pager Coaster Pager This excellent restaurant guest paging system opens up a whole new level of customer service that a restaurant can offer to its customers, which can contribute to a more satisfied customer experience. Upon arrival, the...

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