Church nursery paging system

Being able to ensure a child’s safety to parents can be confidently achieved using the church nursery paging system. This system can be used to send text and numeric messages to staff if a situation arises and their services are required. The messages can be sent either through the easy to use computer software which is included, or by using the keypad. Increasing the ease and frequency of communication between staff is essential for a smooth running and efficient nursery organisation, which helps to boost parents’ trust in the business, and is an important consideration for the management team.

Features and Benefits

The church nursery paging system comes with a host of benefits to enable the efficiency of a business to be increased. Any nursery business can start to benefit from these advantages. The features include:
Simple delivery of text message to wearers of the pager
Texts sent by either keypad or through computer
Simple computer software included
Reduce customer anxiety about child’s wellbeing
Increase efficiency
Can lead to an increase in profits
Peace of Mind

In a business such as a nursery, it can be a very worrying experience for the parents, who of course pay the fees, to leave their child for lengthy periods of time. Using the church nursery paging system, the business is in the great position of being able to show and demonstrate to the parent the system in operation, thereby reducing the parents’ sense of stress. Being able to call a member of staff immediately to retrieve a certain child, will be a great relief to the parents, and will almost certainly show the business off in a positive light. The church nursery paging system allows businesses to do that, and as a result can increase overall safety in a workplace for staff and children, and also give added piece of mind to the parents.


This church nursery paging system is compatible with a number of other units including:
Coaster pager w11ct
Alpha pager w09n
Text message watch w09w
Just connect any of these units, which each have their own individual qualities, to the church nursery paging system to be able to fully interact. Some staff members may prefer to wear a watch piece pager, or others may prefer the coaster pager, whichever method preferred is good to use, enhancing the variable uses the church nursery paging system offers to businesses.

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