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Coaster Pager

This excellent restaurant guest paging system opens up a whole new level of customer service that a restaurant can offer to its customers, which can contribute to a more satisfied customer experience. Upon arrival, the member of staff serving the customer simply takes the order, and takes a coaster pager from the base units, which holds the pagers for charging in between uses, and issues it to the customer. The button on the coaster pager is activated by the staff, and linked to the correct order. The customer retains the small, circular receiver, and until the point where their food is ready to be collected are free to move around, continuing with their business. This scope for freedom allows the customer to avoid sitting around idly, and will enhance their experience of dining in the establishment. When flashed or vibrated by the restaurant guest paging system, the customer simply returns to the staff area and hands back the coaster pager to a member of staff, and can collect their order. The staff can simply replace the pagers back on to their base charging units.

Restaurant pagers

Benefits of Coaster Pagers

Many benefits can be brought to a business which employs coaster pagers to interact with their customers.

Some include: Can contact customers immediately. Increases business efficiency. Can contribute to increased profits. Simple to use, one touch system. Improves customer experience. Can aid seating arrangements. Has the option of sending text a based message.

Additional Benefits

The coaster pager can also be used, if desired, to send a text message to the customer, via a LED display. It can also alert the customer through editable options which include a flash or vibrate to indicate an order is ready. The main additional benefit of using a restaurant guest paging system is the ease of use, and in turn allows the business to operate more efficiently, which is known to increase customer experience, and therefore satisfaction. The fact that the customer is not required to sit and wait for their order, which can in busy establishments take a relatively long time, and is free to move around and look at other products, allows them some freedom. They only need to keep the coaster pager with them. This will enhance their experience, boosting the chance of return custom, and also the positive experience will be relayed to others by the satisfied customers.

Frequency Range:     402-470 MHz Cap Codes:                    8 Receiver Type:           Synthesized or Crystal Baud Rate:                    1200, 2400 bps Paging Sensitivity:    -108DB @ 1200 bps -106DB @ 2400 bps Channel Spacing:      25 KHz or 12.5KHz Frequency Deviation:   +/-4.5 KHz Frequency Stability:     +/- 10 PPM Selectivity:                    > 55dB Image Rejection:        > 52dB Spurious Rejection:   > 55dB Intermediation:          > 50dB Alert Tone Loudness:   75dB+ @ 12 inch Weight:                               110 g with battery Dimensions:                      105mm (diameter) x16 mm (high) Battery Type:                Single AAA Operating Temperature: -10o to 50o C

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