Hospital paging system

With an effective range of up to 4km using the signal booster, hospitals looking to build up a wireless network within this scope can utilise and gain the benefits from this hospital paging system. Perfect for contacting members of staff whose skill may be required urgently this system comes with extras to ensure your wireless signal will deliver what could be important alerts to the correct people. Using the software that is provided, or even with software of your own, the programme runs on your computer, allowing you to send text based alerts to the recipient.
If the wireless signal is obstructed for whatever reason, for example, hills or man-made obstacles, it is simple to remedy this. Using the transmitter provided, just connect it to the power adaptor and fix it in a suitable location, and this will receive and boost the range and strength of the signal. The signal of the hospital paging system using the booster is good for a range of up to 4km, ensuring that instant communication is available with every wearer of the pager, however distant they may be. This of course enables hospitals employing the hospital paging system to use its time more efficiently, and can improve working practices and procedures as a result. This can boost staff morale, and increase work output.

Simple Interface

The interface on the screen when using the software is very simple to use. Anyone familiar with smart phones, or i-pads, and how to send a text message from them will be able to use the interface of the hospital paging system. The software provided has clear and easy to follow instructions, and a message is typed on screen, and then sent to the alpha pager. Customers can use their own software other than the simple one which is provided, allowing a familiar edge when first using the hospital paging system. Overall, this system is a great boost for all sizes of hospital. Thanks to its many features and it its great range of up to 4km, operators of the hospital paging system can alert employees instantly to any situations that calls for their attendance, which improves response time, and of course overall safety of anyone inside the establishment and the range of the wireless signal.

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