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restaurant pagers transmitter

Restaurant Pagers Transmitter

This device is used in conjunction with the coaster pagers, and comes with a fitted keypad, which can be used to send text messages to the holder of the coaster, who is free to move around until alerted. Compatible with computers and laptops, and provided with a support programmed, simply connect to adjust the text as you wish. Easy to use, simply select the number of the pager you wish to transmit to, enter the text and send. This model is flexible, and can be integrated into your own systems and used for ordering and queuing, as well as others such as a POS system.

Can send signal directly by keypad of the transmitter It can also program text information by PC PLL or crystal, 402-470Mhz, POCSAG Multi-language support Alpha text input PC setting and paging 1999 No. system

Frequency range TX:       402-470 MHz Modulation Type:          FSK Channel Spacing:          12.5/25KHZ Output Power:             0.5-1W Receiver sensitivity:     -105DB Harmonic Radiation:       less – 25dBm Frequency Stability:      5PPM at -10°C~60°C Output Connect:           BNC Current Consumption       Standby: 50mA; Transmit:<1A Dimensions (no ANT):      167*83*40 mm Weight (no ANT):          350g Operating Temperature:    -10o to 50o C

  • Restaurant
  • Church nursery paging
  • Hospital paging
  • Auto dealership
  • Bowling center
  • Car center
  • Spa&Salon
  • Church
  • Cinema
  • Club
  • Hotel
  • Libary
  • School
  • Pet care
  • Office
  • Casino
  • Grocery
  • Home use
  • Internet reseller
  • Retail
  • Other