Text message dispaly coaster pager

Text message dispaly  coaster pager

text message display coaster pager

Text Display Coaster Pager

This coaster pager can facilitate text based messages, and is a high quality, rain proof . The holder of the coaster pager can be alerted by a beep, flash or vibration, and communicated to through the text messages. This allows the holder more freedom to move around until an order is ready, or can be used to contact a person if assistance is required. It is an excellent and versatile piece. The coaster pager also comes with features such as a low battery and an out of range alerts, and is durable as well as reliable.

Restaurant pagers

Restaurant Guest Coaster Pager

These coasters are designed to be held onto by the customer and retained until a placed order is ready. Alerted by a flash, beep or vibration, the customer can return when signalled. Featuring an out of range and low battery alert, it is even rain proof, and this high quality product will allow an increase in business efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. All of this may lead to an increase in profits. Used in conjunction with the w11TK transmitter, these coaster pagers are to be considered an advantage to businesses savvy enough to employ their use.

Frequency Range:     402-470 MHz
Cap Codes:                    8
Receiver Type:           Synthesized or Crystal
Baud Rate:                    1200, 2400 bps
Paging Sensitivity:    -108DB @ 1200 bps
-106DB @ 2400 bps
Channel Spacing:      25 KHz or 12.5KHz
Frequency Deviation:   +/-4.5 KHz
Frequency Stability:     +/- 10 PPM
Selectivity:                    > 55dB
Image Rejection:        > 52dB
Spurious Rejection:   > 55dB
Intermediation:          > 50dB
Alert Tone Loudness:   75dB+ @ 12 inch
Weight:                               110 g with battery
Dimensions:                      105mm (diameter) x16 mm (high)
Battery Type:                Single AAA
Operating Temperature: -10o to 50o C

  • Restaurant
  • Church nursery paging
  • Hospital paging
  • Auto dealership
  • Bowling center
  • Car center
  • Spa&Salon
  • Church
  • Cinema
  • Club
  • Hotel
  • Libary
  • School
  • Pet care
  • Office
  • Casino
  • Grocery
  • Home use
  • Internet reseller
  • Retail
  • Other