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witop technology Co.,ltd - professional paging system supplier

About us

Who is Witop?

witop technology is an innovative technology company producing high quality wireless pagers on a worldwide basis. Since we released our Alpha pager twenty years ago from our factories, our products have been used by a variety of companies all over the globe who seek to adapt to new technological advances, and embrace the ever growing safety and reassurance new technology brings.

Who Uses Witop?

Witop is used by a number of different businesses and organisations, such as:

  • Hospitals√
  • Restaurants√
  • Church Nurseries Salons
  • Construction Companies
  • Retail Businesses

Free Technical Support

Should you require it after purchasing one of our products, a 24/7 free customer service support system is in place to help you to understand the problems, and work them out with you. Our products can be moulded to meet the requirements of your customers and business, and with Witop as you partner, achieving this and a bigger market share for your business is a great possibility.

Quality and Price.

We source the best quality materials for the best possible price. This allows us to produce a product that is functional and durable, and reliable in all situations. We pass even more savings on to our customers by mass producing the pagers, which allows us to set a reasonable price for high quality merchandise.

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