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wireless nurse call systems


1  How does the wireless nurse call systems working

Standard application

Just press the button, room and bed number and service type will display on the wrist watch. Nurse or staff in hospital  would be alerted and offer service soon

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Advanced application

You can integrated the nurse call systems with your own software with our protocol. Signal can be collected by the repeater w09tr, and various application can be program by the message which collected from the transceiver.

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2 The component of wireless nurse call systems

Call button

Call button is signal transmitter, you can change the Icon; color; text message of the call button. And you can also print the hospital logo name, or contact information in the sticker

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Wrist pager

Wrist pager is the signal receiver. It can display room number, and bed number, service type on the LCD screen. Each wrist pager can be store more than 18 message.

The text message can be customized for different requirement

The software can be update as per your requirement. You can also change the display text as per different requirement

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 3  The Advantage

Our system use FSK mode, other company use ASK mode.



1. Our call button can press 10,000 times without change battery VS. Other company < 3,000 times

2. The signal would be more steady, coverage longer

3. Integration: Can be integrated with your own software

 4 How does the system work


Further advantage of wireless nurse call systems

If the call system use for hospital, sometimes, you want the pager can display the call is from which room and which bed, such as room M3, bed 01, it can also display by our software



And can also display various service type, and even the service type can be define again

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